Dear School Administrator:

The mission of Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc. (“MCAE”) is to foster respect and appreciation of Monterey County’s number one industry – Agriculture – by bringing together and educating urban and rural communities to understand and appreciate the positive impact of Monterey County’s proud agricultural heritage; and, how its use of progressive science and modern technology impacts better health and nutrition throughout the world.

This is an accredited “hands-on” educational program recognized locally and nationally in the Agriculture Industry.  We are proud to have our three FARM DAY EXPERIENCES be so highly respected by agriculturists and educators alike.

MCAE is a non-profit run by a 100% volunteer Board. Through the Farm Day Experiences we are able to reach approximately 6500 students from 250 classes and 1,300 adults each year.  MCAE relies 100% on our volunteers to make each event happen.

The Farm Day Experience is fully funded by Monterey County Agricultural Education--we even reimburse the school districts for the use of their  buses for the event. The only obligation of the schools is to encourage the willing participation of all third grade teachers. Your time and consideration of the Farm Day Experience is invaluable. Please watch for our email notices regarding the upcoming events and help us sign up every third grade class at your school.  And, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Each teacher must fill out a class registration form--either online (click Sign Up Now button below) or fax/mail a form (see downloads below). TEACHERS....

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