Spirit of Agriculture Award

About the Award

Each year, more than 700 volunteers work to make the Farm Day Experience a dynamic educational experience for our county's third grade students. The Farm Day Experience is made possible because of the belief and support of our volunteers. The Spirit of Agriculture Award was established to recognize the significance of those volunteers.

Those who support Ag Education are passionate about the importance of agriculture and the vital need to communicate that to the community.

The Spirit of Agriculture Award recognizes the characteristics that are reminiscent of our American ideals:

  • Strong work ethics
  • Moral fiber
  • Concern for neighbors and community
  • Unselfish giving of themselves
  • Stewardship of the land and commitment to preserving the way of life that is agriculture
  • Being an ardent supporter of the Farm Day events and the future of Monterey County Ag Education

The Award was started in 2004 – past recipients of this award can be seen below.

2019 Award Receipent


June Tanimura

In 2016, we are proud honor Bob Johnson, a person who has not only supported our events financially, but, has inspired a whole new avenue of Ag education for a group of people who, admittedly, in many cases, had no or little understanding and appreciation for the Ag Industry. MCAE now proudly conducts 2 Ag tours each summer…the Bob Johnson Ag Tour.

This tour has been an eye opener for about 200 people to date. It is offered primarily to people on the peninsula who have never had the opportunity to see Monterey County's no.1 industry.

Bob is deeply committed to our community, to Agriculture and to Education in many ways; and, we are honored to have him put MCAE on his list.

Past Winners


Martin Orradre


Eric Lauritzen
(shown with Carla Wright)


Bob Johnson


The Guides
(accepted by Nettie Ferrasci and Bud Reiwerts)


Peter Odello
Frank Heffren


The Legacy Committee


Gary Robinson, Butch & Vivien Lindley


Mary Orradre


Carla Wright


Dirk Gianinni


Lionel Handel



John Inman


Bobby Martin


Mikel Ann Miller


Bud & Paula Sarmento