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Dear Ag Supporter:

Once again Monterey County Agricultural Education is gearing up for this year's Farm Day events. It is up to all of us to provide the children of our community with a positive and enlightened view of Agriculture. So many have no understanding of the food they eat and the clothes they wear. Farm Day is a fun, interactive and effective way to present the world of Agriculture.

The personal connection you provide to Agriculture is of vital importance to the future of our industry. Your participation in this program is critical; and, we appreciate all the time and effort you give us.  You are the key to our success. Every year we receive endless compliments about our presenters and their presentations. Hopefully you will have time for this years events.

Presentations can include all aspects of our local Ag industry--commodities, animals, equipment, production, processing, economics, nutrition, safety, etc. They should be very basic (age approximately 7-8 years old) and use the senses--touch, smell, sight, (remember to a third grader "GROSS" is "GOOD"). Your presentation will help these eager young minds to grow up with a better and more positive understanding of Ag. We are making friends for Agriculture. (we are always available to help you develop a presentation)

If you are interested in partcipating, please fill out and return the Participation Form as soon as possible. (we never assume you will be available)

The Farm Day Experience’s greatest mission is to create advocates for Agriculture--together we have been making a difference and we can continue this year with another 250 classes of approximately 6500 students. Thank you!

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