Be a Volunteer/Guide

What does a Guide do?

  1. Arrive on site -- follow the stream of cars to the parking area
  2. Follow stream of people to the Guide Check In table and receive your clipboard with your class schedule (this has all the specific times) and a variety of handouts. Mostly, if you can hold up a clipboard and say "Follow Me" -- you qualify☺
  3. Review, in particular, the Guide Checklist -- it has do's & don'ts; and, your class time schedule.
  4. Take Key Guide Tour -- that should answer all your questions and put everything in perspective.
  5. After tour -- time for coffee, refreshments, facilities,etc. OH -- and, visiting -- you will undoubtedly know people that help us out.
  6. Be at Bus Check In 10 minutes prior to your class arrival time -- they sometimes come early (or late).
  7. Greet class -- take them on the tour -- 2 hrs 15 min. -- be back at bus departure 5-10 minutes prior to their departure time...hand off to bus driver
  8. Have a great BBQ lunch on us.

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