Get Involved

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the programs developed by Monterey County Agricultural Education. All of the planning, scheduling, organizing would be lost without the efforts of individual volunteers. Each volunteer helps bring our industry to life, making a personal and positive connection with those learning about agriculture.

For over twenty years the MCAE Board of Directors has been 100% voluntary. This group of dedicated individuals has set the bar high for anyone who cares about Agriculture and our community. They work hard, they dedicate hundreds of hours each year and they inspire all who sign up.

Volunteering to help Monterey County Agricultural Education is not difficult, nor does it take a lot of time…and the rewards are great! Please volunteer—and, help us recruit new volunteers—for an event or two or three this year. You will make a definite difference in the public perception of agriculture. Once you participate in a Farm Day Event, you’ll be hooked!


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