Farm Day Teacher Packets


The following links will take you to all of the items you need for your Farm Day Experience.  Some additional items will be mailed to you approximately two weeks prior to your event. However, in the meantime, you may access/download many of the important information sheets.

  1. Teacher Guidelines
  2. Parent letter for Salinas 2023- English & Spanish
  3. Parent Letter for South County 2024 - English & Spanish
  4. Parent Letter for Monterey 2024 - English & Spanish
  5. No potable water notice
  6. Chaperone notice
  7. Sample nametag for students

Download Full Teacher Packet - Salinas 
Download Full Teacher Packet - South County 
Download Full Teacher Packet - Monterey

The following items will be mailed to you in a Priority mailing envelope approximately two weeks prior to your event.

  1. Specific information re: your class
  2. Class id sheet to be given to the bus driver to display on the bus dashboard
  3. Chaperone nametags (event specific)
  4. Student nametags with yarn
  5. Blue teacher scarf


Activity Sheets

In the past, we have asked you to mail us student activity sheets.


However, the following worksheets are available for your use:

  1. State of California - #1 Agriculture State Map
  2. Incredible Edibles Worksheet
  3. Our Favorite Vegetables to Eat Worksheet
  4. Rooster and Barnyard Coloring Page

Download All Activity Sheets

Teacher Evaluation

In addition, we would still appreciate your feedback. The following link will take you to the Teacher Evaluation form. Please take a few minutes to fill it out after you have attended the Farm Day event.

Take Post-Event Survey


As always, we truly appreciate your time and effort to make Farm Day a great experience for everyone!!