Dorothy Giannini Apple Presenter Award

 About the Award

In 2014, the night before the Salinas Farm Day, Jon Giannini and his friends who make up the sausage presentation were spending anxious hours making sure they would have a well rehearsed and meaningful presentation ready for the next day. Their hard work and preparation paid off. Upon returning home that afternoon, not only had his third grade granddaughter touted his success, his adoring wife, Dorothy, had presented him with the “Apple Award”. 

This story inspired the MCAE BOD to give special recognition annually to a presenter or presenter group.

There are many critical roles to play that make the Farm Day event a lasting, meaningful learning experience for the students. The obvious front runners of this list are the presenters. Ag Ed has, bar none, the BEST volunteer presenters anywhere!! Many (most) of our presenters have been volunteering 2 and 3 times a year for many years. They are knowledgeable. They are professional. But, most of all, they connect with the students. We have hundreds of photos of kids wide eyed and riveted to the to these presenters—whether it is plants or animals or equipment, a service or a product, the kids are engaged and fascinated by all that they hear, see and touch. This is Ag teaching Ag!! 


A Dorothy Giannini Apple presenter Award will be given to Farm Day presenters who are:

  • dedicated to education and agriculture
  • dedicated to the community
  • present with knowledge, professionalism, innovation and enthusiasm
  • engage students with hands on or interactive presentations
  • regularly volunteer for Farm Day events 
  • support the ideals of Monterey County Ag Education

2016 Award Receipient


Gordon Dill

MCAE is proud to present the third annual Dorothy Giannini Apple Presenters Award to Gordon Dill — the “pumpkin guy”!

Gordon has educated and entertained thousands of students about the Pumpkin Story. His 30’ long poster has been tacked up, torn down and jostled to 3 Farm Day events for many, many years. And, he can preserve pumpkins and squashes longer than anyone you know.

We are deeply appreciative of his knowledge, his time and his dedication to Farm Day. Congratulations Gordon!!

Past Winners


Sheep Presentation
Accepted by Gary Stubblefield, Gerry Wade and Sue Kemple


Jon Giannini